Prep School in Six Days

Until last week I didn’t take prep school seriously. By prep school, I mean training myself, my husband and two school-age children to transition back into structure, schedules, homework, and organization.

School starts on September 7. That’s six days. Extended bedtimes were nixed last night and alarm clocks got turned on tonight. No more waking to my inner clock or Zhu Zhu pet fights.

Just when I declare one area of my home organized — such as Issa’s bedroom — two forces — Issa and Riff target another — such as the living room — for destruction.

So, I found myself scheduling a play date with one of Riff’s classmates instead of cleaning up their mess, reorganizing their school supplies or making the basement ready for football weekends.

Play dates are prep school. Right? Riff needs to hang with his friends; especially those he’ll be seeing every day starting next week.

As I inventoried my children’s closets, I had my priorities straight. Trips to Kohl’s, Target and Parisian topped my list. But, a babysitter for Thursday afternoon trumped it. My husband, Tracy and I are meeting friends at Comerica Park to watch the Tigers beat the Kansas City Royals.

Do I really need to spend an afternoon at Kohl’s? Next week I will have several child-free afternoons to shop. I’m sure the stores will still have cute stuff to sell me.

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