About Slim

Did I mention we adopted a ball python for my daughter Issa in February? Her latest obsession is snakes. So, for her 9th birthday, we (my husband and I) made a donation to the Shadbush Nature Center in Shelby Township for the care and feeding of their resident ball python — Slim — for one year. The donation enables Issa participate in caring for Slim when she visits the nature center, which we try to do weekly.

Issa and Slim get some cuddle time.

On Sunday, Issa and I attended an Easter Egg Hunt event at the nature center. At the event, Issa met the Easter Bunny, hunted for eggs, met some live bunnies, and spent some time cuddling her new friend, Slim. I admire Issa’s continued interest in the sciences as well as her commitment to learning all she can about each subject that strikes her fancy. Her interest gives me a second chance to learn what I missed during my school-age years.

2 Comments on “About Slim

  1. Thank heavens Slim stays at the nature center! What a great program and your house can stay reptile-free. Hope the bunnies live far away from Slim!


    • Teri – My daughter and I are grateful for this compromise; and so is our local nature center. We plan on visiting Slim this afternoon to let Issa help with feeding him. Yum 😉


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