Cranbrook Institute of Science Revisit

Back on April 5, 2012, Opening Day for my beloved Detroit Tigers, Issa and I spent the day at the Cranbrook Institute of Science. We had quite a day.

Our visit included …

A presentation of a beautiful film in the Acheson Planetarium about Charles Darwin and his voyage on the HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands where he  studied transmutation by natural selection;

Walking through the temporary evolutionary exhibit, Life on Earth;

Taking shots at a T-Rex replica; 

Visiting the Bat Zone; and

Studying snakes in the institute’s Discovery Center (located on the lower level).

Issa, my husband and I are visiting again, today, for Astronomy Day.

2 Comments on “Cranbrook Institute of Science Revisit

    • @ Teri – My daughter is into everything creepy. Her latest phase is snakes.


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