Twilight Hum

Two busy bodies finally lay in peaceful slumber. Another day of learning, playing with friends and testing boundaries has concluded.

A view from my back patio brings clarity and wonder. Those dusky blues and purples introduce an infinity beyond my comprehension.

In the distance is the hum of busy people still riding among the hustle of life. Like twilight it transitions to primitive beats from frogs, crickets, birds, bats and other nighttime creatures.

The Carolans Irish Cream in my coffee tops off my start toward the end. Darkness and stillness of night is eminent. It is time to turn off structured thought and let dreams take over for a spell.


4 Comments on “Twilight Hum

  1. Hello Kate..thank you for the visit …this is can create a picture with camera needed…Loved this..Michelle


  2. Hello Kate! I don’t know if my comment made it..I appreciate the visit and I really enjoyed this post..a beautiful picture with camera needed…Michelle


    • Hi Michelle – Thanks for the visit and follow. I look forward to reading more of your posts and to sharing them with my nature-loving children.


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