What a Monday

Good evening friends. What a Monday this has been. Monday is usually the start of weekday crazy: re-stock fridge and pantry, school, meetings, homework, dance class and sometimes catechism.

Now that the house is silent and the kiddos are sleeping peacefully, I am satisfying my addition to Cheez-Itz and spicy rum Eggnog. Also, I keep thinking about an article I read this morning in the New York Times. The article discussed the vehement response News Journal reporters and editors are receiving due to a gun owner address list/map it published.

So, before I adjourn, I wanted to pick your brain. Was the News Journal simply reporting information its readers needed to know; or did it overstep its bounds? Also, is it ethical for the reporter, editors and publisher to become the story?

For easy reference, here is a link to the article.

After Pinpointing Gun Owners Journal News Is a Target

I was planning to share my opinion. But, I am more interested in reading your thoughts. Also, my eggnog needs a refresh and I have a date with my DVR.

Goodnight 🙂

One Comment on “What a Monday

  1. I had some experience with “publicly available information” during elections this past year. An ambitious get out and vote group sent out 12 years of election participation history for my neighbors and I to all of us on the street. Apparently, this happened in many major cities across the country. What lit my fire was not that it was sent out, but that it was wrong. It must have been too much work for them to verify that you actually lived in the city during their query period. The net result was that for myself (and neighbors) who lived in another city during oldest presidential election they studied, the flyer said we hadn’t voted when we actually had. I would suspect that substantial error is going to be true of any mass publishing of data. And if information is going to be error ridden, then it seems possible it might do more harm than good.


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