What if all those greats we learn about in history, science and the arts sat on their thumbs wondering? If they stood frozen with fear of failure would we be driving cars, chatting online with far-flung friends or sitting in the dark at night? It’s almost as if I’m being hit over the head with the same message, today. Two of my favorites in the blogging world posted some good ones about… Read More

A few moments ago, I came across an excerpt from a quote George Clooney gave during a speech in Houston, recently … “Never mix grain with grape.” As I sit drinking my glass of TerreDomini’s Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2009 that quote takes me back to those first few weekends of freshman year at Western Michigan University. The irony is wine consumption was limited to whatever was the cheapest (i.e. Boones Farm, Mad Dog 20/20, Bartles&Jaymes, etc.) and tasted… Read More

The heart is a bloom  Shoots up through the stony ground  There’s no room  No space to rent in this town  You’re out of luck  And the reason that you had to care  The traffic is stuck  And you’re not moving anywhere  You thought you’d found a friend  To take you out of this place  Someone you could lend a hand  In return for grace  It’s a beautiful day  Sky falls, you… Read More

If you hear the song I sing, You must understand You hold the key to love and fear All in your trembling hand Just one key unlocks them both It’s there at your command C’mon people now, Smile on your brother Ev’rybody get together Try and love one another right now Right now Right now! —  Written by Chet Powers Go For It vs. Play It Safe I was about four weeks… Read More

So now you know (Who gets mystified) So now you know (Who gets mystified) Show me the power child, I’d like to say That I’m down on my knees today It gives me the butterflies, gives me away ‘Til I’m up on my feet again I’m feeling, I?m feeling Outshined, outshined, outshined, outshined — Chris Cornell, Soundgarden You can count on it. This won’t be the last song I promote on Bonus… Read More

As promised, I am sitting in my writer’s chair thinking about those two 7-at-11-ish lists I need to publish. One needs to contain 7 things I remember about myself that are appropriate for public consumption. The second requires selecting a meager seven blogs — from my just-updated blogroll — to bestow this great honor upon. 7 Things… Thing 1: I am nearly out of ice cream, which is my favorite summertime treat…. Read More

One week ago I met Susan, author and blogger at Sillyfrog’s Blog. Immediately, I felt an instant connection. The vibrant photo of a frog adorning her header made me think of my daughter Issa’s passion for animals and natural wonders. Then, upon reading some of Susan’s posts I found her love for children, family, and nature to an irresistible element to her writings. Finally, her creativity inspires. With these thoughts about Susan’s personal… Read More

All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!  Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay  Crazy, but that’s how it goes  Millions of people living as foes  Maybe it’s not too late  To learn how to love  And forget how to hate   — Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads and Bob Daisley. I like this Bonus Post idea. Do you? After all it is Friday. What could be better? The school/work week is coming to an end;… Read More

A new blogging friend, Kayla at The Gen Y Girl, inspired the title of this post. She mentioned jotting her millions of ideas on Post-Its. She stores them in her purse for future reference. I do the same. Sometimes I have to be outta my writer’s chair to drive my children around, clean my house, socialize with family and friends, walk Buddy (my adorable Pekingese), or visit my gym (which I haven’t… Read More

I am not one to post much about celebrities. It’s just not my realm of expertise. Further, I’m a bit removed from identifying with those who live to chase, take shots, jabs or whatever to sell gossip. While on a stakeout to investigate my son and his behavior issues at school, he spied me within 30 minutes of me being assigned to my post. So, I would get a big fail as… Read More