Kate Parish


On Friday, I dropped in for a brief visit with those characters from the first 50k I wrote in November. Only, I didn’t leave. I lingered for the entire day. Then, I figured, what the heck? I might as well stay for the weekend and clean things up a little. What started as some simple spring cleaning turned into a major remodeling project. So, that’s where I have been since Friday. Oh… Read More

Don’t start your day without reviewing these three trips for successful snarling. If you have other suggestions to help with the advance of snarling in our society, please write some. 1. Be selective about why, when and where. Snarling is an art form. To be most successful, you must wield snarling power, selectively. If used too often, no one will take your snarls seriously. 2. Copy the best. Billy Idol, Pink, and… Read More