Kate Parish


Issa, Riff and I sprinted through Week 1 of summer break. It was a streak of hot, warped-speed fun, which included … pancake mornings, swim suit afternoons, and scorching-hot evenings that called for grilling out whenever possible. After-hours indulgences include ice-cold Bell’s Oberon long-necks, Hard Luck Candy Rootbeer Flavored Vodka on the rocks, Cherry ICEEs and Rock of Ages. critter camp at Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center. Issa continued her exploration of reptiles, amphibians, insects… Read More

Until last week I didn’t take prep school seriously. By prep school, I mean training myself, my husband and two school-age children to transition back into structure, schedules, homework, and organization. School starts on September 7. That’s six days. Extended bedtimes were nixed last night and alarm clocks got turned on tonight. No more waking to my inner clock or Zhu Zhu pet fights. Just when I declare one area of my… Read More