Kate Parish


Recently, I have fought winter snark. A prevalent symptom for this condition includes increased cynicism in the way I view things I read, hear and see. So, here I sit. It’s Valentine’s Day; the holiday when my heart is overflowing with the love I feel for family and friends. Don’t get me wrong. I love my family and friends more than words could ever express. And, I do believe it’s important to… Read More

This wine cooler recipe from Whole Foods might work well for your holiday celebrations this weekend or for Mother’s Day.  1 bottle white wine 1 cup raspberries 1 liter sparkling water Mix ingredients in your favorite glass carafe or pitcher, add plenty of ice and serve.

Yesterday, I stepped into my local Kinko’s/FedEx store. The blue skies and warm sunshine had me on the bright side where time was my friend and people were smiling. I was still mentally humming Black-Eyed Peas‘ Missing You while thinking about Sanders, the next stop on my errand list. My stay was intended to be brief: a run-in, run-out kind of deal. I was blind to the invisible, dark, Grinch-like forces amassing to the… Read More

In addition to making my daily 1,600-word NaNoWriMo quota, writing newsletter copy, gearing up for teacher conferences, and dodging snow flurries, my children — Issa and Riff — are talking up a storm about that big hairy man in the red suit. I don’t know about you. In our house, discussion has centered upon top items for their wishlists, Santa’s arrival date and time, and where Santa should leave their packages this… Read More

I knew this would happen. My daily spirited journey continued through the weekend. It never stops. Not even for sick days. Fever-Ravaged Weekend It all started on Friday with Riff. He took the day off from school to battle a bad cough, runny nose and his newly-organized closet. Riff is not the easiest patient because he refuses to nap when he feels yucky. This translates into cranky, wrecking-ball-like behavior. Hence, the closet… Read More