Kate Parish


Two busy bodies finally lay in peaceful slumber. Another day of learning, playing with friends and testing boundaries has concluded. A view from my back patio brings clarity and wonder. Those dusky blues and purples introduce an infinity beyond my comprehension. In the distance is the hum of busy people still riding among the hustle of life. Like twilight it transitions to primitive beats from frogs, crickets, birds, bats and other nighttime… Read More

The heart is a bloom  Shoots up through the stony ground  There’s no room  No space to rent in this town  You’re out of luck  And the reason that you had to care  The traffic is stuck  And you’re not moving anywhere  You thought you’d found a friend  To take you out of this place  Someone you could lend a hand  In return for grace  It’s a beautiful day  Sky falls, you… Read More

So now you know (Who gets mystified) So now you know (Who gets mystified) Show me the power child, I’d like to say That I’m down on my knees today It gives me the butterflies, gives me away ‘Til I’m up on my feet again I’m feeling, I?m feeling Outshined, outshined, outshined, outshined — Chris Cornell, Soundgarden You can count on it. This won’t be the last song I promote on Bonus… Read More

All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!  Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay  Crazy, but that’s how it goes  Millions of people living as foes  Maybe it’s not too late  To learn how to love  And forget how to hate   — Ozzy Osbourne, Randy Rhoads and Bob Daisley. I like this Bonus Post idea. Do you? After all it is Friday. What could be better? The school/work week is coming to an end;… Read More

My cousin Joe prompted me to share just one more post this week. On Facebook, he urged all his peeps to post lyrics as their status for today. So, without a doubt, mine is an excerpt from one of the Foo Fighters’ songs. The Foo Fighters are my absolute favorite band. I believe this talented group of artists will continue to crank out legendary music and lyrics everyone can relate to; and… Read More

Ideas, words, sentences, action and imagery all come from a mix of sources. Whether I am creating for professional or personal accomplishment, influences inside my head connect with what I see, hear, read, watch, feel and experience. What about you? As you may conclude — from the title of my post — music is a key motivator; especially today. Credit goes to the Doors and other artists who push me to take… Read More

Words are mighty. They wield the power to love, hate, free, imprison, heal, poison, mend, hurt, help, hinder, reward, punish, agree, protest, include, exclude, dominate, share, unite, divide, build, break, motivate, defeat, encourage, inhibit, celebrate, silence, bully, defend, protect, attack, empower, debilitate, propel, stop, add, subtract, multiply, delete, mediate, instigate, calm, infuriate, judge, forgive, push, pull, tarnish, shine, triumph, diminish, overpower, undermine, prevail, conquer, inform, conceal, protect, endanger, preserve, change, comfort, scare,… Read More

This first week of NaNoWriMo has been all about setting the stage for my characters as well as for myself. Since this is my first 50k, I have put five contingencies in place to ensure a strong finish. What tips do you NaNoWriMo veterans have for us newbies? 1. Working Outline translates to flexible. Previously, I was just going to write until I reached 50k. But, I scraped that plan. Today, I stopped… Read More

Music is a gift. Those who are able to create and share it in a way that connects us to each other is remarkable. I feel sad for those who close their ears and minds to experiencing all music can offer due to ignorance, misinterpretation of lyrics or inability to appreciate different perspectives. Whether it be live or virtual, I find it inspiring to be a part of an audience united in… Read More

It happened in my kitchen at 7:00 am, today. My daughter’s school bus would be at the corner in one hour. She needed to eat, get dressed and clean up. My son was losing it because he wanted raisins and wouldn’t get them out of the pantry. Our dog, Buddy, needed out and more water. Before I could reach for my venti-size coffee, a rare but very audible snarl escaped. What was… Read More