Kate Parish


Two of the 5ks I am running this summer are quickly approaching. While my training runs have been a bit sporadic, my mental game is on, consistent and positive. I consider any preparation (biking, walking the dog, chasing children, etc.) to be a step forward. My first run is the Mathes 5k/1 Mile Fun Walk, which happens Saturday, June 16 at Stony Creek Metro Park (West Branch Picnic Area “C”). Sue Mathes,… Read More

I admit to plagiarism. My post title, You Are Needed, the Rewards Are Many, is a rip-off from a quote given to me in an interview last week. The author of the said quote is a retired teacher and volunteer for Kids on the Go (KOTG), a non-profit I advocate for. While she was speaking about why one should become a volunteer for KOTG, the quote prompted me to think about the overwhelming… Read More