Kate Parish


One would think the back pain issues I have been experiencing resulted from the 3.1 miles of trails, I ran Saturday in my first 5k since August 2011. My friend, Sue and the Mathes Team challenged us runner to dig deep; and to run a course consisting mostly of hills and switchbacks.  The two 5ks I ran previously were a combination of street and trail. Plus, my training runs are usually through… Read More

I love football. Nothing compares to the unmatched athleticism during local high school, Big Ten and NFL match-ups. Plus, memories near and far make each season. My favorites include: Pumping fists and exchanging high-fives with Riff when the Detroit Lions make a touchdown. There have been many of these for two consecutive Sundays. Here’s to the Lions going 3-0 this afternoon! Are you with me? Listening to Issa and Riff belt Louis Armstrong‘s, The… Read More

Well, tonight, the Detroit Red Wings face-off in the shark tank in round two of the NHL play-offs. Game time is 10:00 pm. Good thing tomorrow is Saturday. There is a better chance of being able to sleep off the adrenalin rush from watching the Wings tear up the Sharks. There is something to be said about living near the “D” during the Wings’ annual quest for Stanley. The something is that… Read More