Kate Parish


What if all those greats we learn about in history, science and the arts sat on their thumbs wondering? If they stood frozen with fear of failure would we be driving cars, chatting online with far-flung friends or sitting in the dark at night? It’s almost as if I’m being hit over the head with the same message, today. Two of my favorites in the blogging world posted some good ones about… Read More

Brad Pitt‘s character, Billy Beane, in the movie Moneyball, reminds me a little of my dad. Like me, my dad is a Detroit sports fan. But, when it comes to watching the teams he supports on television, he just can’t do it. Unlike Billy, he is okay with watching live games. But, for some reason he just can’t sit still in his easy chair — at home — and watch. He says his… Read More

This week I found myself lingering at blogs with tips and advice for success. Some are specifically for writers while others seek a broader audience. Ironically, I’ve been struggling this week to complete my writing in a timely fashion. This obstacle delayed completion of other action items; and now I’m looking at the calendar thinking, “Oh, sh*t! It’s already Thursday! WTF did I do this week?” Perhaps these WTF encounters prompted my visits… Read More